A gentle breeze, warm vegetation at the edge of a lake while sitting, enjoying and contemplating. This vision overtook my being on a Saturday afternoon in 1992 whilst returning from a soccer game and driving along the Marginal Pinheiros ringroad. I stopped the car and began to cry with emotion, knowing that it was what I should do. Create a space for people to connect with their spiritual dimension through physical activity. At that moment, I did not know, but CHIE was born., I had just got married and was father of Ananda with Pedro on the way, a financial manager at Método Engineering and having gone through a few years of therapy and existential questioning of what to do with my life.


The vision mobilized me. To begin with the search was external, I thought I had to find a land and build this center whilst barely having enough money for my own survival, I began to study and talk to people about this vision. One day, looking at books in a bookstore, I come across a title: The Ageless Body by Chris Griscom, I fliped through the book and am taken away, thinking that this is it! Enthusiastic, I write a fax (yes, it was 1994) to  The Light Institute in Galisteo talking about my project, two hours later, I receive a fax saying that Chris Griscom would be in Brazil that weekend. This is the power of Vision. To open up situations where one can miss the future.


I went to São Pedro da Aldeia and participated with in a workshop led by Chris about abundance. I later commented to her about the project and she told me to go to Galisteo at the turn of the year to participate in a Life Purpose workshop and ten years later I began to lead workshops on this myself. Even more relevant was the main learning, at the end of the workshop where Chris told me to carry out the project inside myself, when it is mature inside the outside will manifest.

And that was how I went deeper into my inner work, and CHIE continued to grow inside me while hibernating outside of me. At that time CHIE was an annagram for Holistic Center for Spiritual and Sport Integration.


One day sharing the idea with a person from Eubiose, he said that CHIE, should use the CHI of the vital energy from Chinese medicine and then the name would gain another perspective, but definitely continue to hibernate. The power of the initial Vision and my internal work began to produce transformations in my life: from financial work  to becoming the president of Hopi Hari, then DBM folowed by Natura and Fleury. A divouce and then a new marriage. Several certifications, many journeys, large amounts of therapeutic and spiritual work and a close following and connection with Dr. Reynaldo.

As a connecting and interweaving links these transformations, deepened my attunement to my purpose in life, my inner work and the integration of my being in its multiple dimensions. A process of permanent journey and continuity. When I left my executive life two years ago and began my own project, I returned to CHIE, at first formally fjust forbilling our first clients, but still not clear on how to tell the world.


Two years later and it is time!


There is an infinite cycle of involution and evolution, microcycles such as breath and macrocycles such as the very existence of the universe. CHI, PRANA, INSPIRE, INSPIRATION, every time we inhale, we fill with life and involute, like a newborn or a bigbang, followed by evolution, education and exhalation,every time we exhale.  At this point we d”ie a little bit”,  we empty ourselves, we get in touch with a silence and we yearn to reconnect and return home. CHIE, is  the Evolution and Involution. The cycles of transformation of people in their relationships that promote the development of organizations.

Marcelo Cardoso

Chie sets out to influence an ecosystem of partners in diverse roles that share the purpose of contributing to the transformation of society through organizations that evolve by transforming people and their relationships in the context of work.


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