"When we explore possible future scenarios, it becomes clear that the level of consciousness by which we relate and regulate ourselves, as individuals or collective arrangements, will be decisive to face the growing complexity of the world, strongly impacting the future we want to create.

Complexity that manifests itself in all dimensions, be it in the context, in the way we organize, relate or in each one of us. By embracing complexity, we free ourselves from the belief that we can control reality.

Our way of doing leads us to meet people, collectives and organizations from a new and curious perspective to understand what dilemmas and challenges each one experiences.

And from this particular vision, we develop co-constructed journeys, creating interventions and promoting experiences that at the same time broaden and deepen perspectives.

These days create cycles that influence the context that again affects individuals and collectives. These movements favour the development, transformation and amplification of the consciousness of individuals and organizations.

Every journey simultaneously touches three interdependent and inseparable dimensions: Individual, Collective and Organizational in its internal (subjective) and external (objective) aspects. The journey is made considering both the present moment and the memories of the past, as well as the elements of possible futures already available, empowering collective knowledge and releasing energy in the system.

The journeys have as starting point a cycle of understanding leading to a co-created proposal, execution of interventions and support for consolidation of learning, thus establishing the basis for new cycles.

The transformation can have as emphasis one or more aspects. We co-create countless journeys with our clients, we live stories of leadership development, of open individual development programs, strategic planning cycles, identity designs, management model implementations, coaching processes among so many others, always exploring the three dimensions and the resulting transformation is deep and lasting, reflecting not only on the other (client) but on ourselves.

individual transformation

organizational transformation

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